Medicinal Plants Research Center

Throughout history, medicinal plants have always been closely associated with humans and their medicinal effects and uses have been noticeable. In fact, knowledge of the use of plants dates back to human civilization and culture, and it has also changed, progressed, and evolved. Thus, with regard to the principle of trial and error, the early human could realize the properties of the plants and convey them to next generations. The scientists in Iran, India, China, Greece, and ancient Rome also broadened their knowledge and then Islamic scholars collected and translated them into Arabic, the language of science in those times, and protected them from incidents over a long time in Europe. The occurrence of adverse complications of chemicals and synthesized substances in the second half of the 20th century, as well as the increasing publication of scientific articles in this domain, has also caused scientists feel frightened and resort to nature and reuse plants and natural substances. Moreover, the efforts made by researchers and scientists in this field have expanded so much that the 21st century was named the century of back to nature and use of plants in treatment. Today, there is also an ever-expanding research in the field of medicinal plants, and the supply of new herbal medications is getting wider on a day-to-day basis. With the prosperity of using plants and natural substances, special attention has been similarly paid to the scientific knowledge of pharmacognosy and herbal medicine. Considering that Iran, as a vast and large country, is taken into account as one of the best across the world in terms of climate, geographical location, and growing medicinal plants wherein over 600 endemic species from different families have grown with rich flora, the use of medicinal plants and natural substances has long been commonplace in this region, and there are many valid documents and evidence on the use of plants in the treatment of diseases from different periods of history, before and after Christ. This important issue as a sign of backing to oneself has drawn the attention of researchers and those interested in traditional and herbal medicine, and nowadays extensive and valuable research studies are being conducted in this field at universities and pharmacognosy departments.


About the Center

Medicinal Plants Research Center affiliated to Yasouj University of Medical Sciences is recognized as the first research center at this University that was approved in 2007. Given the God-given potentials of the Dena Mountains, located within the southern zone of Dena and Boyer-Ahmad County, this region is considered as a natural museum of medicinal plants with various and unique species of genetic reserves in Iran as a backbone for the research works of this Center.


Despite the lack of physical space and essential equipment, the scientific and research growth in this Center has been increasing and it is gradually flourishing. Currently; in view of the availability of equipped laboratories, animal houses, faculty members, laboratory technicians, as well as the potential of postgraduate students, there is a hope for ever-increasing growth of the given Center in the near future.


آدرس: یاسوج - میدان امام حسین (ع) دانشکده ی بهداشت دانشگاه علوم پزشکی یاسوج تلفن: 6078 - 3334 - 074
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