Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan of Medicinal Plants Research Center of Yasouj University of Medical Sciences



1.      Relying on the religious and cultural principles, the principle of justice and fairness, the belief in the status of traditional medicine, as well as the rich capacity of the natural medicinal plants in this region, the Medicinal Plants Research Center is to be introduced as a top research center in Iran through the production and development of science and research in the field of medicinal plants.

2.      The Medicinal Plants Research Center intends to become a center for the flourishing of the production of science and knowledge, the realization of the worthy and transcendental status of human as an explorer, and presentation of scientific theories based on cultural and religious foundations and values.



Providing, maintaining, and improving community health through conducting fundamental (basic) and applied research studies and production of knowledge and scientific authority, as well as improving the infrastructure of research on medicinal plants in order to meet the major needs of society



1.      Respect for human and Islamic values ​​in society

2.      Creativity, innovation, and technology use

3.      Commitment and professional ethics

4.      Knowledge orientation

5.      Participation of stakeholders in programs

6.      Satisfaction of service users

7.      Intra-organizational coordination

8.      Inter-organizational collaboration

9.      Respect for principles and preservation of the environment

10.  Respect for the material and intellectual properties of stakeholders



-        A total number of 8 full-time and part-time faculty members

-        Experienced researchers (research scholars)

-        Equipped laboratory

-        Independent research council

-        Applied research



1.      Lack of physical space

2.      Limited access to high-speed Internet services

3.      Absence of advanced equipment

4.      No farms dedicated for cultivating medicinal plants

5.      Employment of the faculty members in other areas

6.      Lack of herbarium

7.      Inadequate funding

8.      Official bureaucracy

9.      No access to required resources



-        Professional and experienced faculty members

-        Possibility to use credits from national organizations

-        Chance to use joint plans with pharmaceutical companies in this province

-        Large number of educational and research institutions in this province

-        Numerous untouched fields of research in Iran

-        Approval of the establishment of research centers at Yasuj University of Medical Sciences

-        Extensive and rich medicinal plants in the region (500 species)

-        Postgraduate students associated with conducting research projects in the field of medicinal plants

-        Increasing number of interested graduates in the field of medicinal plants

-        Public attention to traditional medicine and medicinal plants

-        Research funds in other organizations and departments eligible for conducting joint research projects





-        No communication between the Ministry of Health, Treatment and Medical Education and the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology and also their different rules for upgrading the levels

-        No approval of Medicinal Plants Research Center

-        No organizational charts and posts

-        Inadequate research credits and lack of financial independence

-        Sanctions on the imports of many consumables and equipment

-        Non-systematic activities and work connections at Yasuj University of Medical Sciences

-        Use of rents and privileges

-        Restrictive rules

-        Available equipment in the center


UV/VIS spectrophotometer

four-solvent HPLC



soxhlet extractor


nitrogen tanks

power supply

rotary device

clevenger apparatus




ultrasonic transducer


thermocycler (PCR)


horizontal electrophoresis tank

-20°C freezer


-70°C freezer

vertical electrophoresis tank


gel doc


class II laminar flow hood


refrigerated microcentrifuge

four-zero scale

conventional microcentrifuge

tube shaker

conventional centrifuge


pH meter


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